Wednesday, February 01, 2006

only one way

Recently I have been buying Word magazine which comes with a CD of new music each month. It's usually pretty good and quite varied - this month it had Rilo Kiley, Sparks, Broken Social Scene & Bright Eyes amongst others.

If you have been reading my previous posts you will probably have realised that I like to flirt with a lot of different musical styles! I even like the odd bit of folk music (insert your own gasp here) ... and recently Scottish folk music in particular. Two of the artists I have particularly enjoyed listening to are Alasdair Roberts (after seeing him play with Joanna Newsom at the Queen Elizabeth Hall) and Karine Polwart. The track below was on the word magazine disc a few months ago and has an excellent lyrical lilt. Karine is playing at the Twickenham Folk club this Sunday and I believe she will have new album and tour later this year.

karine polwart - only one way

Karine also has her own blog here.

If you like a bit of folk, you won't want to miss the BBC Four 'folk britannia' season which starts this Friday.

bbc folk britannia

If you like the song why not ....

Buy Karine's Album

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tom said...

i stumbled upon your song "being just like you" on the website. i have to say that it's a great one. it gets better and better with every listen. hope i hear more of harold's leap real soon...