Friday, February 10, 2006

what you give is what you get

I think that a good cover version is a very rare thing, and often the best ones stray a long way away from the original ... Here is a good example:

the beastie boys featuring miho hatori - start!

This track was part of a compilation of Jam cover version from a few years ago called 'Fire & Skill' that was much overhyped for all the Oasis (yuk!) involvement. I can really see it sitting nicely next to the Nouvelle Vague version of Teenage Kicks that Motel de Moka still has online here.

It will definately perk up your day. I'm hopefully going to be putting some more of my own tracks up soon, so do check back .. and if you haven't heard them yet please have a listen here or here.

1 comment: said...

lookin forward to the new tracks.

I've never heard the beasties jam out on a live track unfortunately, this is pretty sweet, I can see it being in Ocean's 11 or some other film along those lines for some reason... maybe thats just me lol.