Tuesday, March 07, 2006

fun is the one thing that money can't buy

Now that I've got a record player set up on my desk at work the temptation to go into the very dark corners of my record collection and pull out little treats for you is far too great. With the release of billy bragg vol.1I thought you might like to hear a little something he did between talking with the taxman about poetry and the internationale. It's from an NME compilation, sgt pepper knew my father, made to raise money for the childline charity here in the UK, which was the whole of sgt pepper remade by artists of the day.

billy bragg and cara tivey - she's leaving home

I can remember being more excited by the Sonic Youth and Fall tracks when I was 14. Now I prefer the Billy Bragg and Courtney Pine ones. If you want to get a copy I've noticed that there is one selling here.

Considering the lyrics of 'She's Leaving Home' I really should have waited until Wednesday morning at 5'o'clock to post it .. Oh well.

If you want a deep down all encompassing billy bragg experience I can recommend you buy billy bragg vol.1and lock yourself in a room on the left hand side of your house for several days!

You can donate to Childline here.


unknown said...

Great choice from the album Tim... i still play 'getting better' by the wedding present now and then - that was an excellent version too. They did do a good cover version did david gedge and crew...

Oliver said...

Maybe I'm on my own here but I think that Sgt Pepper isn't that great. I'm not one of those Beatles h8rz...it's just not as good as their other stuff.

Tim Young said...

Ah .. the eternal debate.

Beatles .. overrated or not.

We'll save that one for another sunny summers day I think!

Bazza said...

Hi Tim. I agree with you about the Billy Bragg track.
I was in the fifth form at school when I first heard the Beatles.
When I hear (or read) somebody doubting their greatness it's like a stab in the heart!
I enjoy your blog because I am dissapointed with new music these days but you have pointed me to some interesting stuff.
By the way, if you visit my blog, you are banned from answering the quiz question set on 3rd August!
Also you may be interested in my post of 4th August.