Saturday, March 18, 2006

less is more, more or less

With blogger misbehaving itself and my blog disappearing off the face of the earth for probably more than a day I can't be arsed to post any tracks today! However, i am going to tip you off in the direction of an excellent podcast to keep yourself occupied with while the technology sorts itself out.

Short Attention Span Radio can be found here and is run by an anonymous chap with an excellent taste in music and a very nice line in banter that sits very happily between the tracks. I can't guarantee that you will enjoy it as much I have, but I can guarantee that it's going to be big (at least according to me and Mike over at take your medicine, who originally put me on to it).

On a separate note I've started selling records again on ebay (something I did lots of last year) so if you want to see what I'm crazy enough to get rid of have a look here. It's a cash flow thing!

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