Tuesday, March 14, 2006

scream bless

I don't think I'm a very cool person. In fact, I know I'm not a very cool person. I'm going to prove that today by posting some quite uncool music. If you are cool and don't want your reputation tarnished just walk away now while you are still safe.

On this month's word magazine cd there is a variety of good new music along with some excellent reissue tips ( especially a track from my life in the bush of ghosts). One of the first tracks to grab my ears is from Maggie and Suzzy Roche because of the holy harmoniousness of it all. I've checked out their site and there is a bit too much god bothering on there for my taste but this track is far enough away from that to still be enjoyable. I especially like the minimal use of piano.

maggie and suzzy roche - the warwick flog

If you want more of this buy their album here

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