Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the seaside town they forgot to close down

Hmm. Tom, Elizabeth and I had a long discussion at practice yesterday evening about the real value of everything ... so I thought I'd post something cheerful to reflect our conclusions.

10,000 maniacs - everyday is like sunday (morrissey cover)

On an altogether different note I need to tell you about a recent pool I took part in to guess the winners of the american college basketball league. Being English and knowing nothing about basketball I did suprisingly well! The winner was Jeff from DIY Rockstar who appears in computerised form on the new contrast podcast. Jeff has done some excellent interviews on his blog and it's well worth checking out.

You can buy the 10,000 maniacs track on this cd


marathonpacks said...

the "american college basketball league"! i love it.

Tim Young said...

did i make a faux pas?

Anonymous said...

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canvas art said...

Hey, Blackpool is cool. OK!