Monday, April 24, 2006

we're sorry for all that we've done

Since I started this blog I've received a few unsolicited bits of music in the email. Being a polite kind of chap I try and check each one out but usually I don't get far past the first couple of tracks. However, yesterday I got a very nice email from a very friendly sounding fella called Greg who has being reading this blog and plays in a band called at dusk. His band's music has kept my ears busy for the last few hours. It's excellently played and recorded with nice clean uncomplicated but effective drum, bass and guitar sounds. The harmonies are well placed and I'm enjoying the lyrics which makes a change from many of the random tunes that arrive. All in all they worth checking out particularly as their whole back catalogue is available to download from their website here. Listen to these and you will hear what I'm on about:

at dusk - we saw you leave them there

at dusk - oh, it's way too late

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