Thursday, June 15, 2006

100 reasons to be sad

This might be your last chance to listen to Amber Suite.

I was talking to Elizabeth yesterday and she thinks that the band's time might be up and that it might be time to start something new. Bands come and go all the time but it's sad when it's your friends.

Here are the Amber Suite songs that are currently still hosted here on the blog. I'm going to take them down if they do decide to spilt, so have a listen while you can and leave a comment.

amber suite - not very much

amber suite - who you are

amber suite - why

amber suite - by yourself

amber suite - i don't know why

amber suite - it's over (domestiK remix)

amber suite - picking a place called home

Perhaps you'd like to buy their album?

P.S. If you are wondering why this post is titled '100 reasons to be sad' ... well, it's the 100th post on TFoT. Thanks to everyone who has come and read everything so far and I hope you all keep coming back for all the fun that is still to come.


coxon le woof said...

Man, that's such a shame.

I really like what I'd heard. Try and convince them otherwise.

Nick said...

well that's great!!!!!!!!
I also really liked this band...
well see ya !!!
come to see and suscribe to my blog(yes I said suscribe!!!!)