Thursday, June 22, 2006

do your dance

Look at this picture of me dancing.

Shameful isn't it.

So why am I publishing it here on the blog?

Well, I thought that I might be able to persuade you to join me by videoing yourself dancing to the excellent 'gotta go' by Victor Scott and then sending it to him to be part of the music video? I know that Mike from Nothing but Green Lights and The Harvey Girls are going to take part so you will be in good company.

All the details can be found here.

... and if you haven't heard the tune here it is:

victor scott - gotta go

What do you think of my dancing then?


coxon le woof said...

Tim, you offically ahve soe of the strangest facial expressions going on there!

Can't you post the whole vid of you dancing?

I think we all need to see it.

Ant said...

Totally shamefull .

Keep it up & smile

Eric said...

Post the vid to YouTube, Tim!

SAS Radio said...

Top gurning Tim.

What was that song about again?

Tim Young said...

I'll post the video on youtube if one of you takes part in the video too :)

... and I don't know what you mean about funny faces .. those are my normal expressions ;)

cchang said...

Tim. That collage of photos is now my new desktop. :)