Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hold on to your friends

Tom from Hong Kong Cinema was at the first Cut gig a few weeks ago and ever since I've been meaning to ask you what you think of them. Us new bands need constructive comments!

hong kong cinema - dance anthems

You can also become their friends on myspace.

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Eddie said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the comment earlier on, just thought I'd return the favour!

As for the World Cup thing, I have indeed noticed how much we are both rocking it, but I doubt I'll make it to the final in first. I know very little about football, so while I've been incredibly lucky in the early rounds, it's pretty much just a random selection of teams through these final games. Still happy to have got this far though!

Excellent blog you have here. I really should explore outside of my little regular bubble of sites more often.