Friday, June 02, 2006

spot the influence

This track by nightmare of you just went past on the radio and I can't believe how strongly it wears it's influences on it's sleeves.

(How many sleeves does a song have anyway?)

Have a listen and see how many other bands there are bits nicked from. I can hear at least five. Maybe you'll spot more.

nightmare of you - i want to be buried in your backyard

Here is their official website...

... and you might buy their CD here


torr said...

It's mainly just the Cure musically and vocally. It's a great song.

Mr Hugh Janus said...

Hmmm ... don't agree 100% with your police work there Torr.

Not sure whether it sounds more like someone from the 80's or someone from now trying to sound like someone from the 80's.

All a bit yawnsome really.

Tim Young said...


That's excellent. You made a special blogger account just to make me smile!Thanks Co ... sorry, Hugh!

I think it's pretty boring song. I just can't get over the way it switches from Cure to U2 to Muse to 80 indie band to underproduced to overproduced etc. etc. in about the space of 20 seconds. They must have been thinking .. how can we please everyone??

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