Wednesday, July 26, 2006

dead birds don't fly

The sky drops have been getting a certain amount of love in the blogosphere over the last few weeks mainly due to their personal promotion of their debut EP 'clouds of people'. I really enjoy bands making this much effort to get their music out there and that's why I'm sending them a bit of respect today.

The EP itself is an excellent exercise in the 90s shoegaze sound with lush layered guitars and vocals that swim in deep pools of reverb. I'm usually the kind of listener who demands to hear the lyrical content but it really isn't the most important thing here. The songs wander past you nodding their heads in time with the beat while their heavy fringes bob up and down revealing just a little bit of their faces. All in all a lovely listen especially considering how 'made at home' it is.

Wouldn't it be great if all music promotion worked this way?

the sky drops - now would be

the sky drops - green to red

Go and send them some love at the sky drops website.

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