Monday, July 17, 2006

happy monday 05

Does sampling a song remove the original song's power?

Does it make it less happy?

Does it make you smile less when you hear it?

Am I asking too many questions for a Monday?

buddy rich - The beat goes on

Happy Monday everyone!

You can get this happiness here


merz said...

Wow, Buddy Rich, man that is awesome, you made my Monday again Sir Tim!

Rachel said...

This was a little bit of happiness on this Monday evening (well early Tue. for you)

'The beat goes on' continues to make me want to dance the night away.

As for the questions, my answer to all four would be, 'it's all quite relative.' So I am not much help...
Oh well...

*continues to dance*

Jeff said...

Buddy Rich? Yes!

Your questions? No, on each count.

Keep up the good work.