Monday, July 24, 2006

happy monday 06

This week I have a kitsch gem for you.

The album that this song comes from is an ultimate sell out from back in 1968. The year before it was released the guy playing the sitar on it, Jim Sullivan, had made a reasonably excellent but not commercially successful album, seen in the picture above. So clearly he needed some cash and was persuaded to do an album of dodgy covers under a pseudonym to hide his shame. Luckily for us one or two of these paid off including the cover of 'I can see for miles'.

Dig it!

lord sitar - i can see for miles (who cover)

If you want to investigate further go here


Rachel said...

I dug it!

I always felt like 'Lord Sitar' was such a cocky choice by Sullivan, but I think it ended up hindering him in the end...
I am such a sucker for the amazing sounds of a sitar.

Thanks for this post, it brought about fond memories of my dad. :)

Niall said...

Loved it! Never heard of the artist before, but it was funk-a-licious.