Wednesday, August 02, 2006

buses come in bunches of fives

The whole mp3 blogging thing has led me to so much music I wouldn't have listened to otherwise. For starters I now get at least two or three e-mails a day from bands or labels promoting themselves - most of which I do listen to. Usually I check out what other artists are on the labels and that is how I stumbled upon The Amateurs this morning via an email from Letterbox Records about another band.

They are an Edinburgh based six piece and with their Scottishness, multinstrumentalism, boy/girl vocals and lyrical cleverness you would be safe in mistaking them for an early Belle and Sebastian ... and looking at their Myspace I'm not the first to make this tiny leap. However, I'm going to shift away from that and give you one of thier tunes that is perfect summer listening, despite the indifference of it's words, whilst saying that I think that they sound just lovely.

the amateurs - things you only know if you don't drive

They have a website here.

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