Wednesday, August 23, 2006

happy mon(wednes)day 10

Oops! sorry if you had a miserable Monday - my free time didn't coincide with Tim's neatly enough - I was preoccupied with bringing my own brand of delight to the world with SAS Radio Podcast 13. I hope the following cheers you up even more though.

The Pipettes' Pull Shapes has been my cheery-up track of the summer. It rounded off SAS Radio podcast 9 in June and can be streamed from the band's Myspace page. It is wonderfully, indulgently poptastic, and now they've put out this grilled cheese video to go with it. They seem to have set out deliberately to make a video that people would describe as so bad it's great - and have succeeded. If you aren't grinning like a fool before the end of this then alert a policeman - someone has surgically removed your heart while you were sleeping.

Buy We Are the Pipettes at Amazon, emusic.

UPDATE: You know, I hadn't realized that this record made it into the UK Top 30 until I checked a message from The Pipettes on MySpace! It's good to know I'm finding popular music so agreeable these days!

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coxon le woof said...

I love this song but having watched them at the V Festival, I'm starting to think they may be a one trick pony. First time I saw them , thought they were ace. Second time ... they pulled the same shapes I'm afraid and were just a tad dull.

Still, top song and totally cheesetastic video