Tuesday, September 19, 2006

and say yeah

This week's Contrast Podcast is full of handclapping joy and it really is a happy thing to hear. Let's face it people aren't going to put handclaps in a miserable song are they? So go get a smile.

The Contrast Podcast


Shawn said...

Hey Tim... I just want to convince you to put some flute in your band's music today.


1. Cindy wants you to.

2. I want you to.

3. The American people want you to.

4. One day I was in Mexico and I heard someone say "I wish that there were more songs featuring the flute." (Then again, my Spanish is not very good)

6. If you put distortion on the flute, it will sound less gay.

7. My grandfather's last dying wish was to listen to "some songs with flutes in them."

8. Yeah, I'm running out of ideas real fast.

9. Sorry.

10. Cindy said that you should... I already said that...

shawn said...

Sorry about the cheesy list. (Especially #6, though distorted flute would be interesting.) "Flutes rock."