Monday, September 11, 2006

happy monday 11

Young boy at Rio carnival, (c) Juca FiiMany of you won't know this, but there is a massive prize for the music blogger who posts the oldest track that people reading really like. I don't have the precise details to hand, but I received a lovely e-mail from the desk of a reader in Nigeria, who told me I would get a cut of US$41,184,056! Isn't that brill?! Obviously I want to get my share of that bit of cash (after I've sent some money to them for transferring it, which seems reasonable - I'm scraping that together now, selling my car and whatnot), but what's important is that you get to hear something truly wonderful and significantly older than your grandma. So here is something from Brazil composed the year that country became a Republic, 1889, "Vassourinhas" by Teodoro Matias da Rocha. If you're reading this in a cube farm, try to keep your feet still - people next to you are trying to sleep.

Matias de Rocha - Vassourinhas

Listen now:

Don't forget to leave a message saying how much you like this - I want to be in with a chance of getting that prize so I can repay One-Eyed Des what he lent me last week and get my children back. Sorry - I've looked for places you can buy music by Matias da Rocha but they've never heard of him at Amazon or emusic. Best I can suggest if you want to hear some of this stuff is listen to the Manguebeat Podcast - top choice for Brazilian carnival sounds! Photo from Juca Fii.

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