Friday, September 01, 2006

stereo turned up loud, with a phat sound

It's Friday afternoon, the weather's not so great, your pay packet is burning a hole in your pocket and, let's be frank, your mind isn't on work. And Tim's on holiday! (Don't forget to check out his personal Poolside mix in Contrast Podcast #22!)

You need distracting by something sensational, surreal and Swedish. Teddybears Sthlm are getting a bit of blog exposure now, and deservedly so, for their fondness for catchy tunes, high-profile guest vocalists and 70s/80s cinema is proving a real hit. You didn't know about that last one? Well, Teddybears (or someone, it doesn't matter) put together the following mash-up video on YouTube to show their talents at all the above. If you want to get hold of some of the tracks, I first picked them up from My Old Kentucky Blog a couple of weeks ago, and you should go here and here to see for yourself (and read Dodge's posts before you help yourself to Teddybears swag, it's only polite!). Here's that video:

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