Tuesday, December 05, 2006

victor's video

It's a pleasure to know Victor Scott
and to hear all the songs that he's got.
His tune 'gotta go'
has a new video
that I think you'll enjoy quite a lot.

See the high resolution video.

Visit Victor

Buy Victor's whole fantasic album.


Anonymous said...

Looking pretty slick there Mr Young. Not scary at all, no.

Is there any other names you can put to faces?

Tim Young said...

I will allow you to judge my scariness when I I see your dancing ;)

The fellas with the lights are Mike from Nothing but Green Lights and his brother. The people with the cat are the Harvey Girls. Other than that I couldn't be sure .. although I assume the lady who appears with Victor is his missus.

So who wants to see my submission in it's entirety loaded up to Youtube?

cchang said...

Ahhh! Yay!!!!!
So it is ready. Too bad I didn't get to contribute (technical issues with trying to get the 8mm camcorder to work)

cchang said...

this is really slick, I must say...and I love the editing. It works really well.

mjrc said...

this is quite the catchy tune, i must say. and what a clever video concept. very cool. glad i was able to take a break from blogging to check it out . . . ;-)