Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All cards on the table

Q. 'Home is where the heart is' or 'wherever you lay your hat that's your home'
A. It has to be ur heart, wouldn't u say?
The Chameleons - 'Home is where the heart is' (live) (5.20)
(You Send It)
Taken from the CD 'Live in Toronto' (Imaginary, 1992)

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The Disappeared said...

So glad you posted something by The Chameleons. They are/were one of our great, lost bands. Coming from Manchester as I do, I've always had a soft spot for them as a "local band" and I've seen them live at least a dozen times, from the early 80s through to the "reunion" gigs in 2000.

The first two albums in particular ("Script of the Bridge" and "What Does Anything Mean, Basically") are both excellent examples of riff-driven, indie rock. Think early Cure, or maybe the first Echo & The Bunnymen album. For the guitarists among us, there are layers of tunes just dripping out of the speakers. There's lots of early 80s reverb, chorus pedals and echo units going on, giving you the most fluid and beautiful guitar sounds you've heard in ages.

They never really bothered the charts much after their first single ("In Shreds") but they had critical acclaim in spadefuls to make up for the lack of commercial success.

Thanks for reminding me of all this!