Friday, January 26, 2007

cuthbert dibble and grub

If you have been listening to the CP you will have heard Infants on the most recent 'musicians introduce their own songs' episode. Since then I've had their song 'Firetruk' bouncing around inside my fakePod like an angry mental wasp trapped in a very confined space. You might not think that's a good thing but it is. Here's the remix of it that you can download at their myspace:

infants - firetruk (drop the lime remix)

P.S There is a new episode of the SAS Radio podcast up .. I haven't had a chance to listen yet so why not beat me to it here:

short attention span radio

1 comment:

FiL said...

Pew pew indeed! Who thought being Infantile could be such FUN??

Thanx Tim!!