Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I think I've got something to say to you

First in an occasional series of odd cover versions... My walk to work, after the bus drops me off in town, can sometimes be eventful. The city centre just after 9am comes alive. Sights and sounds of bampots everywhere. Approaching my building, I turned the corner to be met by Maggie (as above). And for some reason this made me laugh out loud - only in Glasgow could you hope to find a glass recycling bin called 'Maggie May'... and then I remembered a very strange German Ska version of Rod's classic that I thought I liked a lot more than I actually do... [So, I suggest you file this under the label - 'so bad it might just be, sort of, ok when heard totally pished']
Frau Doktor - 'Maggie May' (cover) (3.39)
From the best-selling album (in the Rhine Valley at least) 'Wer Mich Leiden Kann Kommt Mit')
Download here (if you are very brave or very tolerant or just like all things Ska-lite)
The Frau Doktor website is here.
PS, Sorry Tim :(


Tim Young said...

No apology needed. Obscurity and alienation are the order of the day around here :)

Crash Calloway said...

The Pogues used to sing Maggie Mae as an encore and it was brilliant, although I've never seen a recorded version by them. Any information to the contrary gratefully received.

Maggie Mae said...

As a Person actually named Maggie Mae, I am welcome to any versions of the song. And really, who doesn't love a little not-too-good german ska now and again?