Thursday, January 04, 2007

Late nights, paper trains, neon lights and childhood games...


So u can make of this song what u will but, as I see it, anyone that convinces Paul Buchanan to work with them must be worth a listen. Was this an album that passed u by last year? It went straight over my head and through my ears, I confess... I blinked, I cried, I missed...


Michael Brook (with Paul Buchanan) - 'RockPaperScissors' (3.54) (You Send It)


Michael Brook's website

Buy the album (Canadian Rational/Big Helium, 2006)


[Tim invited me to contribute to his blog and I gratefully accepted]

[Apologies in advance for what might happen next]

And Before The First Kiss


mjrc said...

well this is a win-win situation, that's what this is!

thanks for the paul buchanan. any word on what the blue nile is up to?

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks M!

Paul has just played some live shows around Scotland (Perth, Edinburgh etc).

No idea what comes next though in terms of recorded work - just need to wait and see (and I hope PJ Moore comes back - he's been awol for a while now...)