Friday, February 02, 2007

you have mail

Those of you who follow things here closely (and there can't be many of you) will remember me posting about The Amateurs a while ago. Well, it seems that their label, Letterbox Records has posted a small glut of legal mp3 singles from their bands, all of which I have been enjoying on my fakePod in the last week. They are tunes full of joyfully dark boy girl bits that remind you why you still like songs about apparently meaningful things. Ho hum.

So here are a few of them for you to enjoy:

aaron schroeder - a movin' movin' train

the amateurs - things you only know if you don't drive

california snow story - suddenly everything happens

morning bride - time delay

If you like them then send your love to Letterbox Records.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim.

- Aaron