Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dreaming Of Existentialist Surf Songs

Random posting by an occasional visitor to Planet Tim: some of the best memories I have of live shows are not the songs played by the group, it's not the light show, it's not the people-watching, it's often not even the company or the beer... (!)... no, my memories tend to focus around the carefully crafted introductions to songs that lead-singers shower us with. This is where performers can give away little bits of themselves, or just show us how clever and cool they really are (for example, I remember Kevin Shields quoting Marx as a way of introducing 'Soon' when they played at the Glasgow Barrowlands many years ago... well it seemed cool to me anyway... and I'm sure he did actually talk rather than using a sample...). Anyway, the point is that many of these song introductions stand out for me and I tend to be a geek and remember them - in fact, sometimes they were the highlight of the night (e.g. Family Cat gigs tended to be absolutely hilarious and they had a great banter on stage... the music was exceptional as well but...). So, as song introductions go, this one is a great example of how a performer might choose to sum up what a song is all about... in just a few special words...
The Church - 'Fading Away' (live) MP3 (3.58)
You can here the studio version of this song on this wonderful album.
The Church are here and click here for all things Kilbey.


Crash Calloway said...

My favourite live intro, fairly inevitably, is from Mr. Bragg - "This is a song about trust and penetrative sex. It's called trust".

Tim Young said...

It's not an intro but a heckle I that I have fondest memories of. I was at a Morrissey gig in the early 1990s and he had just finished singing Moon River. I shouted 'stick to your own songs'. The fans around me gasped and tutted. He said 'I wrote that one actually'. I thought .. not up to your usual witty self there Stephen. The fans laughed at me. I didn't care.

I know this gig was recorded by the BBC and broadcast with my heckle cut out. If anyone has a copy with it in I will pay a small fortune to hear it again.