Monday, April 16, 2007

meeting FiL

The first thing that FiL said when I met him was, "you're real!" and I'm happy to report that so is he. We met up on Saturday because he was passing through Heathrow and I live only a short drive away so it seemed silly not to have a couple of beers like 'offline' friends. I am also happy to report that he is just as nice as you all might imagine. During our short meeting we found the time to visit two pubs, drink four pints of beer, record the intro for podcast 56 and talk about all of you! Who's coming this way next then?


Mentok the Mind-taker said...

I find three things unsettling about this post:

1) FiL's jet-lagged eyes. Get some sleep, buddy!

2) The disembodied hand! How did FiL get Thing from the Addams Family past customs?

3)The fact that you had time to "talk about all of you". I didn't do it! It's all a pack of lies! I have a rock solid alibi and anyone who suggests otherwise will receive a sternly-worded missive from my solicitor.

cchang said...

LOL. The first thought when I saw the pic was "Goodness, they look like politicians!"

Ya know, they could be in on it together---neither of them are real. I may need to head off in that direction to verify one of these days.

Thanks for posting the charming pic! I think it's awesome you two got to meet in person (*for real*)

Crash Calloway said...

I'm going to have a Saturday roaming about in London sometime in the next month or so, I'll let you know when to see if you're about. Cindy's right though, it's definitely a campaign trail picture

mjrc said...

frankly, i'm relieved to see that fil is alive and well--he's been gone so long that i was worried he might've gotten lost somewhere in northern europe or thereabouts! ;-)

fil looks different in every picture i've seen of him, but tim always looks the same . . . and i agree with cindy. it looks like you guys just made some kind of diabolical deal!

i've often thought how fun it would be to actually meet our online friends. how cool that you guys were able to do that. : )

Elizabeth said...

Yay! How lovely.

Colin said...

Just so beautiful... it is political, I agree cchang... I'm getting visions here of Jack McConnell on the election campaign trail - meeting an eager, and easily confused, member of the Scottish public who thinks he is actually Bono rather than First Minister... :) (Yes, we are in middle of election fever here in bonnie Scotland)

And Mentok - you really need to be on a stage. You consistently make me LOL, 4 real. Etc.

(Erm, hope you gave me thirty seconds and ridiculed my weak arguments and inconsistent referencing - 62% and could try harder?)

Tim Young said...

Firstly .. thanks to all of you for your nice comments.

Mentok. 1. I think it was the beer that made FiL look so tired! 2. I always carry a disembodied hand. It's my trademark. 3. Don't try and weedle out of it. We know it was you and the police are on their way as soon as they have dealt with the peppermint scnapps burglary. :)

Cindy. We were going for the 'handshake across cyberspace' photo about 1 minute before I threw FiL onto a train full of boozed up youths. I think we got it quite well! Honestly though, we are both real ... FiL even poked my arm to check.

Crash. Yes .. please let me know when you are around. It would be great to meet you. There is a beer with your name on it if you are interested.

Marcy .. Sheesh .. a diabolical deal ... would we? .. Yes, I suppose we would ;)

Elizabeth .. yup meeting FiL is lovely .. and you'll be in the UK again soon won't you??

Colin. Yeah. We marked you. We gave you a first. ;)

mp3hugger said...

Great see, perhaps we should all be meeting up at a mp3 bloggers convention someday. Sponsored by the RIAA of course!

coxon le woof said...

An International MP3 Bloggers Convention sounds like a marvellous idea.

And that picture is so heart warming for some reason. Though I also worry about the fact you talked about all of us. What vicious lies were you spreading I wonder?!?!?

Tim Young said...

We would have to draw lines and find out where the central point would be.

I dare not say what we talked about Mr Le Woof ... secrets and lies ;)

Elizabeth said...

I dare say some of the stops on the just announced Wedding Present/George Best extravaganza would be the perfect back drop for a blogging convention/pish-up.

And yes, Tim! I'm moving back to the UK next month and Simon and I will likely be in London for a bit over the summer to visit the Consulate and what not.

Tim Young said...

Ace. I see a double handshake photo opportunity .. but who would hold the camera??

Mr Rossy said...

How awesome !!!
I asked a guy at work, who he thought these to people were and this was his reply.....

"The guy on the left looks like he works for Friends of the earth and the guy on the right looks like a Russian gangsta"

But what i want to know, is why would someone from friends of the earth be meeting with a russian gangsta? hee hee

Hopefully i'll see ya at one of yr gigs Tim

SAS Radio said...

You may be sure that each other is real but how can I be sure you are BOTH real? Or any of the posters on this thread? It's all a conspiracy of Venusians to make me believe but I'm not falling for it!

Tim Young said...

Ross - I look like I work for Friends of the Earth .. OMG .. it must be time for a haircut. Either that or the cryptic message on my T-Shirt is having it's effect.

I do hope we will meet at a Cut gig. The next one ... I've just heard ... will be on the 17th of May in The Miller near London Bridge.

Mr SAS - Not Venusians. Martians. ;)

Natsthename said...

Here's to friendship, both real and "cyber"! Happy that you got to meet, guys! (And a pint or four is the only real cure for jet lag, right?)

FiL said...

Ah, I can explain everything. You see, despite our meeting, I don't really exist. My identity is a construct of the Russian mafia, who manufacture FiLdroids to go forth and do their nefarious work. Each one is crafted individually in a basement somewhere in the autonomous region of Bashkortostan, hence minor differences are apparent to the perceptive.

Only thing is, each has a limited lifespan, and get all groggy (similar to the effects of jet-lag) before disintegrating - the hands are usually the first to fall off. Beer hastens the disintegration process.

As for the Friends of the Earth connection, well, one can only assume they're a front organization for those nasty Cyrillic gangstaz, who of course are ultimately just pawns of the Martians (Ack! Ack!)

All clear now??

FiL (or is it??)

Tim Young said...

Now I'm scared. I had a beer with a FiLbot? If that isn't the title of a blogosphere B-Movie then I don't know what is!