Wednesday, May 16, 2007

everyone, literally everyone

This week's Contrast Podcast is looking for songs about every Tom, Dick and Harry. I was expecting Waits, Thompson and Nilsson but of the three only got old Schmillsson. I picked a nice version of 'Every man should be free' sung by Harry Belafonte & The Smothers Brothers that I dug up off YouTube yesterday!

contrast podcast 59 - every tom, dick & harry

Here's the video of my pick in it's full glory:


mjrc said...

hey tim--i tried to leave a comment twice on the podcast page and it got eaten each time. just thought you might like to know.

and i SWEAR i didn't break it this time! : )

SAS Radio said...

I hunted that video down after you mentioned it too. Love that track! And the Smother Brothers are my new favourite moustachioed strumming singing duo (and are they really siblings?).

Tim Young said...

Marcy - I've fixed that now. The page obviously remembered your previous naughtiness!

SAS - They are indeed brothers. Check out their Wikipedia via the CP page for more info. I think you can date that video by the moustaches! Just a pity Harry isn't sporting one too.