Thursday, October 25, 2007

big screens and limericks

This week's Contrast Podcast has two pure ingredients, limericks and excellent music, mixed into a heady blend of poeticical loveliness. It really shouldn't be missed so get listening now:

contrast podcast 82 - limerick intros

On an equally joyful note the video to Gotta Go by Victor Scott has won the best music video prize at the Canadian International Film Festival. If you live in Vancouver you would be foolish to miss it on the big screen this Sunday along with all the other prize winning movies. I've heard whispers that Victor will be there and might be handing out copies of his new album 'Good Times' to anyone who might like one. Wow ... I feel so far away! The details of the screening can be found at:


Anonymous said...

i was checking your blog
I promote an unusually creative new artist from London who just finished his album Map of the Universe in New York.
i think you'd appreciate Kino, he is firing the British psychedelia to the next dimension.

here is the press kid as i call to give you the lowdown
should you be kind enough to feature the MAP OF THE UNIVERSE in your broad waters!
Hope you embrace this independent cosmic soldier!

looking forward


cchang said...

That's so cool that the "Gotta Go" video has been awarded and celebrated in so many ways. It was showcased at the last SXSW festival in Austin, TX.