Tuesday, October 02, 2007

polly gives us a right royal treat

Last Saturday PJ Harvey played a solo show at the Royal Festival Hall in London and I was in the fourth row lapping it up. From where we were sat the show lived up to the intimate tag it had been given. Polly played a good selection of stuff from across her catalogue including a few early tunes that would have had me jumping up and down like a mad thing if it hadn't been a seated gig.

Here's someone else's video of one of them:

I came away with the same impression I had the other two times I saw PJ live. She is a consumate artist with a powerful voice that does her excellent material justice. She doesn't waste one whisper or scream and I'd be happy to sit and watch her play on any day.

Enjoy these (found on the net) :

PJ Harvey - Down by the water (live at RFH)

PJ Harvey - The piano (Live at RFH)

Photograph from this photographer.


mjrc said...

that gave me shivers! i can see why you enjoyed her show so much. her voice is an incredible instrument.

FiL said...

You are a lucky man, Mister Letch...

Yours faithfully,
Mister Thrub

coxon le woof said...



Glad you enjoyed it. HOpefully she'll do a decent tour soon. And when I say a decent tour, I mean play near me.

Lapa said...
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Lapa said...

Nice blog.

Pik 2.0 said...

my my my. took you along time dear pj. glad to see you're back.