Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A century of contrasts

After almost two years of collaborative musical joy, The Contrast Podcast has merrily skipped into triple figures with it's 100th episode. As the ringleader of the band of reprobates who put together the weekly dose of tunes and introductions I feel rightfully justified in being just a little bit proud that we've made it this far! However, the real credit for keeping the cast going must go to the contributors who happily ignore my whims and silliness to produce such lovely episodes that are full of entertainment, wisdom, excentricities and downright excellent musical taste.

Thank you all very very much.

Contrast Podcast 100 - One hundred


WankelRotaryEngine said...

Congrats to you, Tim! The CP would not exist and certainly wouldn't have made it to 100 w/o your steady effort. Thanks for letting us play along!


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