Thursday, January 19, 2006

americana via france

OK. After talking about Gram Parsons yesterday you are going to think that today's post makes me some kind of americana maniac. Just to assure you I'm not. I just happen to be listening to quite a bit of this type of stuff at the moment and .... what am I doing justifying myself anyway?

The two miserable looking chaps in the photo above are John Convertino (drums,vibes etc.) and Joey Burns (vocals,guitars etc.) of the outstanding Calexico. I was introduced to their music by my girlfriend a few years ago and we've been to see them live several times since. The thing I really like about them is the interaction between Burns and Convertino. They have been playing together for years, in and out of other musical projects such as Giant Sand and The Friends of Dean Martinez, and have clearly developed a lovely unspoken rapport. Luckily for you and I they have put a few MP3s on their record company website including a truely bizarre French version of 'the ballad of cable hogue' from their 'Hot Rail' album, which helps to prove that songs never translate well!

Sunken Waltz
Ballad of Cable Hogue (version francaise)
Minas de Cobre (acoustic version)

According to their website they will have a new album out later this year - which I'm personally really looking forward to.

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