Friday, January 20, 2006

dykes on bikes

Time for a big step to the side. Since I got my MP3 player about a year ago I've been filling it with little gems to make my walk to work faster. One of them I found on an album called 'Jazz 80' that I got with an inherited record collection. The track, dykes on bikes, had found it's way there from the 1979 NYJO album 'Mary Rose'.

Just look at the bunch of misfits in the picture. I used to be just like them .. in fact I still am just like them ... and proud of the fact. Don't get fooled into thinking that NYJO produce this level of funkiness on all occasions though. I've made the mistake of spending a whole pound on a more recent NYJO album at Ben's records and really not getting the same bite as dykes on bikes.

You can visit the NYJOs current incarnation here (they are playing in Skegness tomorrow ...), but in the meantime do get stuck into the joy of this 1979 madness...

dykes on bikes

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