Friday, January 20, 2006

it's over

Two posts in a day? I must have lots to say.

The other day I wrote about my friends Tom and Elizabeth who play bass and drums in my band and have their own group, amber suite. Well, one of their other sideline projects is called domestiK, and it's basically a dark Austrian electronica retake on some of their songs .. all done with lovely analogue synths - you know, the ones that you have to actually plug together yourself. I haven't got a link to the Austrian fella who is doing the work for them but if I get one I will put it up here.

You won't have heard this anywhere else so I'd really like to know what you think ... as would Tom and Elizabeth! You are only one click away from making a comment!

domestiK - it's over

... and if you want more original music scroll down and listen to

being just like you

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