Friday, February 17, 2006

hoover factory

I've been very busy today, but I've had time to set up a record player to start copying some stuff from vinyl to talk about.

First up is an Elvis Costello b-side from 1980. The building in the picture above is the Hoover Factory just outside London which I used to drive past whenever I went in or out of town. It's beautiful building that is now a supermarket. You can read more about it here.

The song is my favorite kind of Costello song. It's to the point, a little bit experimental, completely of it's time, and it speaks about something real that relates to my life. What do you think?

elvis costello - hoover factory

You can buy an album with this on here


Dustin said...

I enjoyed the mp3 "being" from your band. Let me know if you throw any other mp3's up, I'll link to them on my blog. said...

hey, nice track pick. You're on my Bloglines feedreader actually, so I get all your updates when they're posted. Lookin' forward to the new tracks, I listen to "Being Just Like You" quite a bit.

Kyle said...

nice blog. keep up the "sifting" as the cream is quite sweet.