Thursday, February 16, 2006

keep in touch

I'm going to start by having to justify myself for this one. It's deeply, terribly, awfully, unmistakenly unfashionable. I'm sorry! The trouble is I've got something to say about it .. and that's the point of this blog.

So what is so shameful? Well, the track below was recorded by 'the audience' way back in the nasty old nineties. Their lead singer was Sophie Ellis Bextor who is a very very very long way off our radar, and probably big in germany. My issue is that I think it's a good song that has been badly recorded. If you gave the vocal and bass line some proper backing it might be something worthy and not just part of that 90s slush out that also absorbed the likes of salad.

What do you think?

the audience - keep in touch

P.S. If you are the producer or arranger of this track ... I'm sorry ... but what were you thinking when you got out those synth strings???


Niall said...

I remember there was a lot of hype in the music press about theaudience at the time and no-one could have predicted that ellis bextor could turn out a pop diva albeit a poor one.

I remember liking a few songs of theirs and her voice is nice and pretty although my favourite song was some weird orchestral number called polly and something or other, had some nice strings on it.

I think this song is rubbish though!

Tim Young said...

I knew it would provoke a reaction .. anyone else????

steveb said...

They did an ep with a cover of "the worse thing i could do" from Grease which was quite nice. I saw them at Glatonbury in a packed out tent and they were pretty good, though it was pissing down at the time so it was good to get out of the rain.