Tuesday, February 28, 2006

smother me mother

Inspired by the 'favourite songs' post I wrote for clever titles last week I thought I'd write about 'Rubber Ring'.

You can put people into two simple camps - those who liked The Smiths when they were in their teens ... and those who didn't. I'm in the former category and consequently I think that a song that prophecies it's own downfall into the realm of nostalgia is a work of genius! It also has a great bass line and some tremendous samples at the end. All in all it's something that will be lodged in my fakePod forever and will remind me that I was younger before I heard it.

I just wish I could remember when I first heard it!

the smiths - rubber ring

If you haven't got it you really should buy the world won't listen

.. and in a related post from last December Matt from Earm Farm has some great live smiths tracks here.


Matt said...

"Rubber Ring" has long been one of my very favorite songs by The Smiths.

Tim Young said...

isn't it just the best!?