Thursday, March 09, 2006

i even shun the south of france

This is my last post this week because I'll be away from computers until Sunday (I'm going to Wales!) So now we're going to have a couple of intermission tunes with the curtain down. Go and get yourself an ice cream or a drink from the bar. Just make sure you are back on Monday for whatever happens then.

Whistler are one of those bands whose CDs I've somehow aquired. I don't think I ever when out to buy them specifically. In 1999 they released an EP of cover versions called ' the intermission ep' which I enjoy from time to time. The best track for me is the cover of 'blue, red and grey' by the who. As well as being a crazy guitarist, Pete Townsend has written some excellent lyrics!

whistler - blue, red and grey (who cover)

The second track for our short intermission is by old misery guts himself, Morrissey. I slavishly bought all the Smiths and Morrissey singles up to the point he released this duet with Siouxsie. An 'interlude' which continued right through to 'You are the Quarry' which relit the little fire I had burning for the 'end of the pier' nudges and winks that I loved in his lyrics. This is the extended version from the single that is indecently long enough to give you time to have a pee and get snacks before finding your seat again before act two.

morrissey and siouxsie - interlude (extended version)

If you are that way inclined preorder Morrissey's new album here

See you on Monday.


coxon le woof said...

Beat me to it.

I was preparing a duets post and was so gonna post that morrissey and siouxsie song.

Ah well.

Tim Young said...


sorry coxon .. perfect duet for the intermission though don't you think?

unknown said...

speaking of duets... tindersticks track 'buried bones' over at my place... yep tim, perfect duet for an intermission... :-)