Wednesday, March 08, 2006

to be happy forever

During my LP digging at the weekend I found a copy of stay awake, which like sgt pepper knew my father was released in 1988. The highlights of this album of disney covers are the ones from snow white and the seven dwarves done by tom waits and sinead o'connor (sinead sings with andy rourke of the smiths on guitar). The tracks by Sun Ra, Ken Nordine and Suzanne Vega are also worth a mention. It takes me back to being ten again!

tom waits - heigh ho

sinead o connor (with andy rourke) - someday my prince will come

There is a cheap copy of this on CD for sale on ebay

On a separate note, and sort of carrying on from the beatles related tune we had yesterday, Kane from Burning Oak drew my attention to a book written by the beatles sound engineer Geoff Emerick (read Kane's post here). All these years you have been listening to Paul McCartney swearing during the third verse of 'Hey Jude' and you never noticed. Personally I think everything he has produced since about 1980 has been worth swearing about!

paul says 'f**king hell' in 'hey jude'

If you get the chance you should also watch the video of Elliot Smith playing at the oscars a few years ago that Coxon has put up on his blog here. It's probably the most cultural moment those stuffed shirts ever had during their plastic ceremony.

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great call witht the sound clip man, i hadn't had a chance to go check that out yet.