Thursday, March 02, 2006

i'm not a senile get yet

I've never quite worked Julian Cope out, but he has always appealed to me. I guess he is the fringe performer we would all like to be if we had the guts and insanity. The song I've got for you to listen to is 'baby let's play vet' from a day-glo 7" single he released back in 1995. Again, it's one of those tunes that has spun around on my fakePod for ages and I haven't got bored of it yet.

julian cope - baby let's play vet

I couldn't find a picture of Julian that I liked (he isn't particularly camera friendly anyway) so instead you get a vet and giraffe. Ahh!

Julian's albums are extremely variable and probably wouldn't suit everyone's taste but if you want to try one I'd recommend peggy suicide and it's less than £5 from Amazon!

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