Thursday, April 20, 2006

back but still there really

I get back from France and there is a new edition of the yank sizzler podcast sitting on my desktop waiting to be listened to. It's making a very smooth transition back into normal UK life as it contains a track from the excellent Marianne Dissard who we probably all originally discovered on Calexico's Hot Rail.

Here is a track from Marianne's myspace:

marianne dissard - la cayenne

To get her other tracks you will have to head on over there, add her to your friends and buy her 7" single.

Thanks to Michael from the yank sizzler for pointing me this way!


Cameron Deyhle said...


Michael Stoecker said...

Hey, thanks for the mention Tim. I also just put up a new post guiding people to the Contrast Podcast.

The last episode was really good and I'm amazingly jealous of the feedback you're generating.

Anyway, round we go.

Take care,

The Yank Sizzler Podcast

Ekko said...

thanks for the stuff i'd never heard before