Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the magic number

Good news! The third contrast podcast is all made and ready for you to enjoy. It's about 70 minutes of 3 minute long songs with introductions from some very interesting and varied contributors.

Listen to the contrast podcast here.

The face of today is off for it's Easter holidays today so if you are here reading this on the 19th of April .. don't worry I haven't died. I'm just drowning myself in red wine whilst simultainiously trying to poison myself with cheese based food and confit de canard.

In the meantime here are some recommended places to visit:


Short Attention Span Radio. One of the most enjoyable podcasts on the planet. Lots of new music you won't have heard anywhere else combined with the dry humour of it's anonymous presenter.

The Yank Sizzler. Another excellent podcaster who also blogs a bit these days. There are currently eight episodes of his podcast to enjoy, the latest of which will be coming away with me for my holidays.

Take your medicine Podcast 4. Mike from TYM is currently off on an adventure across Europe and while he is gone you can listen to his choice of new indiecentric tunes with some typically studenty mumbling inbetween.

MP3 Blogs

To die by your side. Coxon from Birmingham writes an excellent blog about the music he loves. You'll feel the effort he puts in as well as enjoying the music.

Let's Kiss and Make Up. Colin is from Scotland and you can tell! Forget about all this silly new music. Go and enjoy some B-Sides from The Cure that you hadn't heard before. It will do you good.

Clever Titles ... Bethanne posts stuff every hour of every day (almost). It's like a whirlwind of enthusiasm. Go and get swept up why don't ya?

So the wind ... Have you heard ZB's contributions to the Contrast Podcast? Have you been to his site and seen the pictures of his cat? Well you better had hadn't you?

I've got to go now ... so sorry to anyone I didn't get around to recommending ... I like your blogs too! I'll see you all on the other side of the break.


SAS Radio said...

Have a rollicking good holiday Tim, and thanks as ever. I shall be thinking of something suitably four-footed between now and your return.

Also, thanks for uncovering that Yann Tiersen track - I've loved his stuff since Amelie.

coxon le woof said...

Great work on the Podcast Tim - that Bjork song is amazing. Where did you get it?

ZB said...

thanks Tim.
Actually, my cat is working hard to choose a track for the next Contrast.
I'll try to convince her (yes she's a lady) to say some "words" in the mic'.

Tim Young said...

I'm back ...

I'll be posting again from tomorrow so watch out!

The bjork track (believe it or not) is from the original vinyl (worth millions on ebay) that I got in a job lot of records a few years ago from Sweden.

cchang said...

I was going to ask the same thing about the Bjork song...wow!
Very excited to hear the upcoming contrast podcast #4. :)