Friday, April 07, 2006

nothing vaguely waterproof to wear

I'm sure you are aware of the Jean Pierre Jeunet film Amelie and it's wonderful soundtrack by Yann Tiersen? You may not be aware that Tiersen did a radio session back in 1999 where he colaborated with a variety of other artists including Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy. Neil was still on form at the time (I'm sorry to say that I think he's lost it since) and sang one of my favourite of his songs which was only improved by Tiersen's arrangement.

What do you think?

yann tiersen with neil hannon - geronimo

You can buy the CD this comes from here


Jennifer From France said...

I was at this Black session in 99 ! And this song and the David Bovie's cover they made ("Life On Mars?") were really a graceful moment. Actually the whole concert was amazing. One of my best memories ever !
Thanks for having published it !

Miles said...

I would disagree most strongly about Neil having gone at all downhill since, but still - thank you very much for posting this.