Wednesday, May 10, 2006

betting on the afterlife

Jenny Lewis was on Later... last Friday, squeezed between Pearl Jam and The Zutons. I suppose it's nice of the BBC to at least throw a bone to us (Camille is on next week's program) but I get the feeling that quite a lot of viewers might have used Jenny's appearance as an excuse to pee or make tea.

jenny lewis - run devil run / the big guns (live on later)

If you haven't already you should go and buy this


unknown said...

excellent post... her voice is just sublime... hey... it's almost as good as your own sweet 'club-style' voice on the intro to CP6... haha! grreat effort. next time it'll have to be the Norwegian death metal version though... cheers Tim - and also for comments re; Uni life right now... tracks like this post pick me up a bit though.

coxon le woof said...

Later ... annoys me sometimes.

This was one of those occasions.