Friday, May 12, 2006

waves come rushing to the shore

It's the weekend and (although I'm not keen to jinx it) there is a chance that we might have a little bit of sunshine here in the UK which means sitting outside with a cold drink in one hand and a paperback book in the other whilst listening to the right kind of music on my fakePod.

What constitutes the right kind of music I hear you ask? For me it's something that doesn't demand that I listen to it whilst still keeping me nicely cocooned. A perfect tune of this type is made by shrift, a Brighton based producer meets vocalist outfit who will undoubtably lull me through the various ice creams and beers that the day will hopefully bring.

shrift - floating city

Visit shrift's website here..

..and go and get their summer packed album of loveliness here


Paul said...

What book are you reading?

Tim Young said...

At the moment I'm reading 'Small World' by David Lodge. What about you?

Jim said...

Hey yeah I thought this neck of the woods could do with more blog nutrients and I wanted to set one up (even though I've actually got exams soon at the moment my posts are my daily revision breaks) also I wanted to promote my radio show a bit more, I've just been listening to your bands stuff its some good lo-fi Walkmen esque stuff as for guest passes well I certainly wouldn't mind. As for promotion there is rough cuts which is a free live night for local bands you'd have to contact as shes the Head of Rough Cuts, its not really a link as such just something I happen to know about.