Monday, May 15, 2006

the thread

Again Later... was annoying this week. Loads and loads of rubbish by John Fogerty and Richard Ashcroft balanced up with minimal goodness from We are Scientists and Camille. I'm glad that I've started taping it so I can fast forward through all the old men.

If you haven't heard Camille before I can highly recommend her album 'le fil' (the thread) which can be got in a special two disc version very cheaply here

camille - au port (live on later)


niall said...

she's amazing. I don't have BBC anymore so i may try to find a vide online

coxon le woof said...

Dullest episode ever.

Sadly, I didn't tape it so I had to sit through lots and lots of dull men who really meant it maaaaaan.

I even found We Are Scientists a bit rubbish to be honest. But surrounded by that shit I guess it would be hard to get any enthusiasm going.

Quite right in saying she was the highlight. Reminded me of when Joanna Newsom was on and stole the show.

Why do Later insist on giving the more interesting artists who need exposure so little time?

At least Jools Holland seems to have stopped insisting on tinkling the ivories with everyone. Thankful for small mercys I guess. I do remember his face when jon spencer leapt all over his precious black piano - priceless.

I'm rambling now.

Oh Simone said...

I didn't object as much to John Fogerty as I did to Richard Ashcroft. At least Foggy looked like he was enjoying himself.

My favourites were the Mexican guitarists, I forget their names - they were quite incredible, far more impressive to me than anything else on there.

cchang said...

I just began getting into Camille after hearing her on SAS radio. I totally dig her. I had no idea Fogerty hung around after CCR broke up.

I personally think we lack in cool music shows in the US. We seem to predominantly have bad reality shows that we stole from the UK and Japan. Austin City Limits is the only one I respect these days.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have a video of the song done by camille?
i was totally blown away by her performance. i told everyone they should check her out, but i wanted to show them the video but couldn't find it anywhere.
can anyone help me out please????????
thanx a million!!!