Tuesday, May 02, 2006

you blister my paint

The fifth contrast podcast is now in session. It's got some excellent and quite diverse submissions all on the theme of 'colours'.

Beside that it's also your best opportunity to hear me doing a truly awful impression of Alex from A Clockwork Orange (something for which I am indeed very sorry.)

If your life is very dull then get over there!

Contrast Podcast


Anonymous said...
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Eric said...

Save me a spot on Contrast 6/7. I'll have a song and words to you by tomorrow's end.

SAS Radio said...

I meant to say on the other thread, I thought the Alex impression rocked. Did you try and learn to speak like that when you first read it or did you take a crash course last week?

Tim Young said...

Thanks! It was a bit of both. Originally I wanted to make an R.E.M. and Clockwork Orange mix called 'Clockwork Orange Crush' but it sounded awful so I stuck to the girl with the green wig!