Thursday, June 08, 2006

33 things to do before I'm 33

Your useless fact for today is that it is my 32nd birthday.

victor scott - the cake song

Can you suggest 33 things for me to do before I'm 33?

(Cake song from here - thanks to victor)


ZB said...

well...happy birthday Tim thing to do : verifying the fact that a vinyl lp really makes 33 rotations 1/3 during the next minute...

mike said...

Happy Birthday Tim, a while ago I thought of 100 things to do in the following year.... here are some you could attempt...

1 Bowl 3 strikes in a row.
3 Get a tatoo.
7 Press a do not press this button button.
12 Throw a TV out of second story window.
23 Go to poland
27 Go to 7 gigs in 7 nights. Document.
32 Learn to Waterski.
42 Visit New Zealand.
43 Win £20 on a bet.
52 Save someones life.
54 Bowl 6 sixes with a fair dice.
73 Go to foreign music festival.
77 Make someone's day.
79 Learn to play theme to Super Mario on guitar
80 Eat an entire cake.
83 Dive into a fountain fully clothed.
86 Sleep for +18 hours.
88 Burn a nations flag.
89 Destroy something beautiful.
94 Go busking, don't stop until can afford 1 meal
95 Bottle of vodka in 24 hours
96 Write a poem for a girl

Hope that gets you started!

cchang said...

Happy Birthday Tim! Happy natal wishes. Here's a truncated list:

-Down one shot of Peppermint Schnapps
-go skinny dipping with your fiance
-Sing a silly song for 3 minutes about how your age has two 3's in it.
-pet a quadruped (preferrable a cat or a bunny)
-Paint yourself your favorite color
-Snap a picture with your favorite musician of 2006
-If things go well share a pint with them at a local pub. Make sure you have 8+ mintues of concrete and meaningful conversation
-If things go really well with them, perhaps your band can open for the group and head out on the road.

unknown said...

Many Happy Returns!

Was going to try and construct 33 things for you to do but I think Mike's list (and cchang's contribution) will keep you way too busy :)

I'd only add that I hope you actively chase and win a 1 million pound plus recording contract :)


Tim Young said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I'll let you know how I get on.