Friday, June 09, 2006

the first cut is the deepest

Tomorrow evening is the first outing of my new band 'Cut'. All the details can be found by clicking here. Make sure you download and print out the flyer linked on that page to get in cheap!

If you can't come why not have another listen to our recent demos and leave me a comment about them?

cut - space filler (demo)

cut - this weakness (demo)


Jim said...

Hey, you should really play in Reading soon, I really don't think can make the gig as although my friends like the music they aren't exactly prepared to go to London, I'll partially make up for it by playing one of your songs on my show.

coxon le woof said...

God luck with the gig Tim. Hope it goes well. When are we gonna get to hear some more songs?

cchang said...

Still think these are great and catchy songs. Love the bass line. I also appreciate the fact that you enunciate clearly when you sing. I get frustrated with musicians who write fantastic lyrics yet mumble through the verses when they perform.