Monday, August 14, 2006

happy monday 09

I am often accused of being a lover of cheesy music.

I don't deny it. It's the sort of music that makes me happy!

Here is a perfect example.

mr bloe - groovin' with mr bloe

So? You are having a much better Monday now aren't you?

Read more about Mr Bloe here ...

... and if you want it you should buy the 7" here


FiL said...

The harmonica, it's eating my brain!!!

paul hurley said...

thank you so so much for posting mr bloe. happy monday? happy every day!

Bernard Cochrane said...

Hi there, I am one of the writers of Groovin With Mr Bloe and always interested in comments.

There are various versions of Groovin With Mr Bloe, indeed I did one whilst I was working at CBS Records in London [1967 -1973] and the version I did was the first A side single release of the song.

The Mr Bloe version you refer to was recorded by someone called Zack Lawrence who I understand was predominately an 'arranger' who just happened to be recording an LP for DJM Records, when, following some early major plays I had obtained on radio and there was MAJOR interest in the song, he, Zack Lawrence together with DJM, decided to record a version and in due course because of the interest I had created, decided to follow my CBS release/plays and release their own single version. This they did deciding to call themselves, and release the single, under the name of Mr Bloe.

Personally speaking I believe the best harmonica certainly on the versions that I know of, is on the version Bo Gentry did as a B side by the group called Wind. I believe my CBS version has the second best harmonica playing. I personally believe the 'Mr Bloe' version to be 'weak', that said however whilst my CBS version was the 'leading' chart contender upon release but was overtaken by the 'Mr Bloe' version, as a writer in the work, I am grateful for and and ALL hit versions, of which I am sure there will be more in the future. Cheers Bernard Cochrane